Hiawatha First Nation Water Systems Upgrade – Public Comments Invited

December 14, 2020 – Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the proposed Water Systems Upgrade, located in Hiawatha First Nation, is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.


Written comments must be submitted by January 17, 2021 to:

Indigenous Services Canada - Ontario
Roy Angelow, Senior Environmental Specialist
Telephone: 416-973-6225
Email: roy.angelow@canada.ca


The Proposed Project

The proposed project includes the construction of a water treatment plant and a distribution system to treat groundwater from existing wells in the Discovery Zone and supply potable water to private dwellings and band-owned facilities along Hiawatha Line, Lakeshore Road, and Paudash Street. The purpose of this project is to provide residents with a safe and reliable drinking water supply that satisfies both provincial and federal drinking water quality standards and guidelines.   

The proposed water treatment plant will be located on Hiawatha First Nation reserve in an area just north of Kents Bay Road and East of Hiawatha Line called the "Discovery Zone" (concession 10, lot 7). The new distribution system includes 2250 m watermain along Hiawatha Line, 308 m watermain along Lakeshore Road, and 1015 m watermain along Paudash Street.

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