Agency Code of Values and Ethics

President's Introductory Statement

It is the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s responsibility to provide high-quality environmental assessments that contribute to informed decision making in support of sustainable development. As representatives of the Government of Canada, we are at the forefront of interactions with various stakeholders on major complex multi-billion dollar environmental assessment projects; therefore, the provision of honest and impartial advice is of critical importance.

In order to build and maintain confidence in our institution, public servants employed by the Agency are responsible for ensuring that their actions and decisions respect and comply with the Agency Code of Values and Ethics (the Agency Code). The Agency Code affirms ethical conduct as an integral part of the work we do and requires public servants employed by the Agency to exercise due diligence.

Every public servant employed by the Agency has the responsibility to adhere to the Agency Code. I am committed to supporting the understanding of the Agency Code by ensuring that the necessary guidance is available to those faced with any ethical dilemma, questions, and/or concerns.

Elaine Feldman

April 23, 2012