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Document Formats

Help on accessing documents in PDF format

Some of the pages available on our website are electronic versions of documents that were originally designed for printing. These documents may also be available for download in PDF format so that you can view and print them with virtually the same graphics, typography and layout as the original version.

Before you can open any of the PDF documents on our website, you will first need to install one of the free PDF reader software programs from the list below.

If you choose not to use a reader, you can have the PDF file converted to HTML or ASCII text by using an online conversion service such as one offered by Adobe online conversion or Google's view as HTML feature.

These websites are outside of the control of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and are listed solely for the convenience of our users. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency does not endorse any of the software found on these sites and is unable to provide technical assistance to users who install this software on their computers.