From the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to BURNCO Rock Products Ltd. re: Conformity of the Environmental Impact Statement

From: Hajdu,Rob [CEAA]
Sent: July 27, 2016 5:30 PM
To: 'Calder, Alan';; Hamblin, Gerry EAO:EX; Crampton,Stefan [CEAA]; Ferguson,Laramie [CEAA]; Zottenberg, Katelyn; Derek Holmes
Subject: RE: Further federal comments | BURNCO EAC Application/EIS Screening/Conformity Scan

Hi Alan,

I can confirm that these responses are sufficient for us to proceed to technical review.

Thanks very much,

Rob Hajdú

Project Manager
Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency / Government of Canada / Tel: 604-666-2601 / Cel.: 604-314-7507

Gestionnaire de projets
Agence canadienne d'évaluation environnementale Environnement Canada / Gouvernement du Canada / Tel: 604-666-2601 / Cel.: 604-314-7507

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