Submission Policy


The Canadian Impact Assessment Registry (the Registry) is an online portal where anyone can submit comments or information for an assessment. Comments submitted online are published in real time and support:

To protect information against unauthorized disclosure, submissions must comply with the Impact Assessment Act and any related legislation, policies and guidelines.

We reserve the right to remove information submitted, in whole or in part, for reasons related to the below guidelines. We may also remove information in response to an author’s request or for administrative reasons, such as transcription or duplication errors.

General Rules

Do not include information that is private or confidential, or that could cause a security concern.

Examples of what you should not submit:

Confidential Information

Please do not use the Registry to submit confidential information. Confidential information, such as confidential Indigenous knowledge, must be submitted in a protected way. Refer to the relevant assessment page or policy document for details or contact information on submitting confidential information.

Be Respectful

Do not make comments or provide information that is inappropriate or offensive. This includes information that is contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Constitution Act, 1982.

Examples of unacceptable comments include those that are:

Acceptable Format

We cannot accept:

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