Public comment period on intent to make a determination

Relocation of the Vehicle Cemetery – Public Comments Invited

2019/11/29 – Transports Canada must determine whether the proposed relocation of the vehicle cemetery, at the Motor Vehicle Test Site, in Blainville, is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this determination, Transport Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination. All comments received will be considered public (and may be posted online). For more information, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website.

Written comments must be submitted by December 30th 2019 to:

Irene Koutsimanis
700 Leigh-Capreol
Dorval, (Québec)
H4Y 1G7

or by email at


The Project

Transport Canada is proposing to build a site for the storage of crash-tested vehicles at the department's Motor Vehicle Test Center (MVTC) in Blainville, Quebec. The MVTC is a fully fenced, controlled access facility located on federal lands. The project involves installing 18 inches of gravel on top of which vehicles will be stored. It is anticipated that site preparation will be required, including the removal of existing vegetation. The creation of a path is necessary to accommodate vehicle access. The work will take place in May 2020.

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