Notice determination

March 18, 2020 – Indigenous Services Canada has determined that the proposed Sagamok First Nation- Tree Clearing and School Construction Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

The determination was based on a consideration of the following factors:

  • The school will provide an overall net benefit to the community to allow children attend school
  • An environmental assessment was conducted during the design stage, and mitigation measures have been proposed which will reduce the impact to the surrounding environment.
    Implementation of mitigation measures is required for the project to address:
  • Migratory Birds: migratory birds have been identified in the area. Tree clearing will need to observe bird breeding windows, and ensure no tree clearing takes place during these critical windows
  • Fueling of equipment: all equipment must be fueled in a designated fueling area away from water bodies, and must have spill kits on hand.
  • Species at Risk: A biologist must be on site to observe and determine if any species at risk are within the area before any trees are cleared. Should any species at risk be identified, on-site mitigation measures will be developed and implemented
    Indigenous Services Canada is satisfied that that the carrying out of the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.
    Therefore, Indigenous Services Canada may carry out the project, exercise any power, perform any duty or function, or provide financial assistance to enable the project to be carried out in whole or in part.

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