Notice of intent to make a determination


Muskowekwan Wind Farm Project - Public Comments Invited


February 28, 2020 - Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the propose Muskowekwan  Wind Farm Project, located on Muskowekwan Indian Reserve 85-43, 85-49, 85-50, 85-63, 85-64, and 85-65 is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.

Written comments must be submitted by March 28, 2020 to:

Indigenous Services Canada

1827 Albert Street

Regina, SK S4P 2S9

The Proposed Project


As Independent Power Producer, Wood Wind Canada Ltd. aims at developing, designing, installing, operating and maintaining a wind farm to be dispatched to the national electrical grid. The approximate nominal power capacity of 126 MW comprising 21 wind turbines with an output in the range of 6.0 MW each, rotor diameter of approx. 170 m and hub height of approx. 115 mT.


The green field plant will be located in the Muskowekwan First Nation territories and will cover an area of approx. 2100 ha across the following legal land descriptions: The proposed project layout intersect the following quarter sections:
SW-23-029-14-W2, NW-23-029-14-W2, NE-23-029-14-W2, NW-24-029-14-W2, SE-22-029-14-W2, SW-22-029-14-W2, NW-22-029-14-W2, SE-27-029-14-W2, NE-27-029-14-W2, SE-14-029-14-W2, NW-19-029-13-W2, SW-27-029-14-W2, NE-22-029-14-W2, SW-25-029-14-W2, SW-19-029-13-W2, NE-14-029-14-W2, SE-26-029-14-W2, SW-26-029-14-W2, SE-23-029-14-W2, SW-24-029-14-W2.


The Project will also include:
• Concrete foundations (piling has to be defined);
• A network of medium voltage underground cables to collect the power from each turbine and convey it to the electrical substation located within the development boundary;
• Electrical substation including: 1 step-up transformer from medium to high voltage, switchgears, busbars and ancillary equipment, 1 control room, 1 electrical building for the switchgear, emergency diesel generator, warehouse (for operating and maintenance activities) and office facilities;
• In/out high voltage arrangement for the connection to the high voltage external electrical grid line (length and arrangement of the high voltage connection line to be defined in discussion with SaskPower);
• Access roads of approx. 5m (new ones or upgrade of existing ones, as needed), providing access to each turbine;
• Maintenance platforms for each turbine.
The expected plant life is 25-30 years, afterward the plant will be decommissioned.

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