Notice of intent to make a determination

St Theresa Pt Northern Store Contamination Remediation  – Public Comments Invited

14 November 2019 – Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the proposed [project title], located in St Theresa Pt  is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.


Written comments must be submitted by [14 December 2019  to:

Shelly Johnson

365 Hargrave

Winnipeg MB R3B 3A3


The Proposed Project

Project Summary: The project will involve the installation of a multiphase extraction (MPE) system connected to approximately fifty-eight (58) extraction wells installed across the impacted area to a maximum depth of 13.0 mBGL. The wells will be complimented with independent compressed air lines and steel access covers. Soil vapour from the wells will be extracted under vacuum. Any impacted water entering the system will be treated through the water treatment unit (WTU) which will be equipped with pre-filter media, coalescing hydrocarbon separators, carbon/clay adhesion media and carbon polish. Confirmatory sampling of the treated water will be undertaken prior to discharge. All laboratory results will be compared to current FIGQG guidelines and updates for residential land use. Both the MPE and the WTU will be contained in a modified shipping container.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure will include:  Modified shipping container for storage of the MPE and the WTU; Extraction wells;  Fencing; and Electrical service.

Activities: Site preparation will include installing hydropoles for the MPE system, along with perimeter fencing. Construction activities will include installation of MPE system and extraction wells within parking lot area adjacent Northern Store/Commercial building. A boardwalk will be constructed along a portion of the site to allow pedestrian access from new parking area to building entryway. Operation will include monitoring the system to ensure it's fully operational on a continual basis and collecting treated water samples for confirmatory analysis prior to discharge. Site decommissioning will include decommissioning the extraction wells with a bentonite seal and removal of fencing and MPE system.

Waste generation: Any impacted water will be treated onsite (WTU) prior to discharge. General waste debris will be taken to the community landfill facility.

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