Notice determination
July 12, 2020 – Indigenous Services Canada has determined that the proposed "BNA Three Phase Transmission Project" is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

The determination was based on a consideration of the following factors:
               - impacts on rights of Indigenous peoples
               - Indigenous knowledge
               - mitigation measures

Implementation of mitigation measures is required for the project to address:

To control sedimentation and erosion any work around sensitive watercourses will be highly controlled. This will be done by: not working around them during rainfall events, disturbing existing vegetation as little as possible during construction and then if needed stabilizing exposed soil as soon as possible.
To mitigate any accidental spills from equipment/machinery: equipment will be checked for leaks before working near the watercourse, monitored while working. In event of a spill work will be stopped immediately, the spill contained and then cleaned up as soon as possible.
Only vegetation which could impact the project will be removed from project area. Vegetation a safe distance from the charged lines and not in immediate vicinity of the poles will remain as will low lying vegetation. This will ensure that vegetation cover is preserved to control erosion and sedimentation is minimized.

Indigenous Services Canada is satisfied that that the carrying out of the project is not likely to cause
significant adverse environmental effects.

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