Environment and Climate Chance Canada (ECCC) is conducting an environmental effects evaluation of the Project under section 82 of the Impact Assessment Act. An environmental effects evaluation for the Project is also being carried out under section 67 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA 2012) by the Prince Rupert Port Authority and Transport Canada, and an environmental assessment by the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office has been ongoing since 2018. ECCC is coordinating its review with the ongoing section 67 and provincial assessments.

Extensive public consultation has already been conducted for the Project through the federal section 67 review by PRPA and TC and through the provincial environmental assessment (see Vopak's Third Consultation Report here). ECCC will not be revisiting comments that have already been considered or raised in these previous public engagement periods; however, these comments will be considered in ECCC's determination.

In recognition of the public consultation already conducted on the Project, ECCC invites public comment on the following topics to inform ECCC's review:

  • Indigenous rights & knowledge;
  • Community knowledge;
  • Greenhouse gases and climate change; and
  • A credible plan to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Please submit written comments to Taylor Groenewoud by: August 6, 2021

Contact Info: taylor.groenewoud@ec.gc.ca

For more information on the Vopak Project, see the following:

  • Vopak Pacific Canada Project Review – Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) Participation as a Federal Authority
  • British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office's Project Information Center website: EPIC (gov.bc.ca)

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