Public Notice

Re-leveling of Interlock Stone Pavers - Public Comments Invited


July 28, 2021 – PSPC must determine whether the proposed Re-leveling of Interlock Stone Pavers, located in Toronto, Ontario is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

To help inform this determination, PSPC is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination. All comments received will be considered public and may be posted online. For more information, individuals should consult the Privacy Notice on the Registry website:


Written comments must be submitted by August 30, 2021 to the contact below. Please include the project title and reference number.


Public Services and Procurement Canada

Joseph Nguyen, Environmental Specialist

4900 Yonge Street

Toronto, Ontario M2N 6A6

Telephone: 437-992-4353




The Proposed Project


To inspect and re-level the concrete curbing adjacent to and including all interlock stones/pavers, cobble stones and concrete walkways throughout the exterior of the building – a minimum area of 100m2. The work will include an evaluation of all sloped areas along walkways and pathways to identify raised and sunk pavers. Targeted areas will be filled and re-graded to ensure these areas are neat, level, safe and have sufficient drainage.

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