Notice of Intent to Make a Determination

Cold Lake First Nation - Frog Lake Regional Water Tie In - Public Comments Invited
September 10, 2021 -  Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the proposed Frog Lake Regional Water Tie In located in Bonnyville, AB is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.

Written comments must be submitted by October 11, 2021 to:

Stacey Leblanc
630 Canada Place
9700 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB
T5J 4G2

The Proposed Project

The project is the extension of a waterline and is proposed to provide water to Frog Lake First Nation, with capacity for future connections to Fishing Lake and Elizabeth Metis Settlements. This alignment is expected to cross portions of Private Land, Provincial Crown Land, and Cold Lake First Nations. The waterline will transfer water from one river basin to another (inter-basin), and will include the installation a booster station for water transmission. Additional approvals are expected for the pipeline to cross watercourse and wetlands (trenchless construction anticipated), and approval of conservation and reclamation planning for linear disturbance. A consultation buffer of150m is selected as some sections of the proposed alignment have the potential to be realigned to the opposite side of the Highway or road allowances. A section of the proposed Right of Way alignment parallel to Range Road431A will be acquired as a Road Plan for a future road widening for the Municipal District of Bonnyville. The proposed waterline will be constructed within this road widening.

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