January 20, 2023 – Indigenous Services Canada has determined that the proposed Membertou Realty Expansion – Proposed Gas Bar, Car Wash, Restaurant is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects

The determination was based on a consideration of the following factors:

  • impacts on rights of Indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • community knowledge
  • mitigation measures

Please note that no comments were received during the 30 public comment period.

Implementation of mitigation measures is required for the project to address:

  • Impacts to Flora and Fauna
  • Impacts to the Land
  • Impacts to Surface and Groundwater
  • Impacts to Air and Noise
  • Impacts to Scoio-Economic, Culture and Heritage
  • Compliance with the federal Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products Regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999

Indigenous Services Canada is satisfied that that the carrying out of the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

Therefore, Indigenous Services Canada may carry out the project, exercise any power, perform any duty or function, or provide financial assistance to enable the project to be carried out in whole or in part.

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