To help inform a determination under section 82 of the IAA 2019 in relation to the Hydro-vac Dewatering Station Project at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's Chalk River Laboratories site, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is inviting comments from the public. The Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) site is owned by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), a Federal Authority under the Impact Assessment Act 2019 (IAA 2019).  Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd is responsible for the management and operations of AECL's sites, including the CRL site, pursuant to a long-term contractual arrangement.

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Proposed Project: Hydro-vac Dewatering Station

The construction of a hydro-vac dewatering station is being proposed at the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), Chalk River site.  The project, in support of the management of legacy waste will be carried out by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), the organization responsible for the management and operations of all AECL's sites, including the Chalk River Laboratories (CRL), where this project is being proposed.

The physical activities associated with this project include the removal of some trees and vegetation from the site, upgrading the existing road access, and grading the area. The area proposed for the hydro-vac station is approximately 2000m2 of previously disturbed land with primarily new growth and access in close proximity to the excavation sites.  Any tree-clearing activities will be conducted outside the Migratory Birds Act (MBA) breeding season in accordance with existing and newly incorporated regulations under the MBA. During operation, sampling and analysis will precede any excavation intended for the hydro-vac station to ensure compliance with CNL's Environmental Protection Program requirements. All dewatering will occur through infiltration and evaporation, and once effectively dewatered, the spoils will be transferred to the central soil storage area at CRL for reuse.

The assessment of environmental effects from the proposed activities will be used to support AECL in making a determination of the significance of the environmental effects under Section 82 of the Impact Assessment Act for this project. All preparation, construction, and operations activities will be conducted in accordance with the environmental policy that directs the management and operation of CNL and all applicable legislation. 

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