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Supporting Geospatial Data — Detailed Project Description

SNC Lavalin has provided electronic geospatial data files on May 1, 2023, related to the Northern Road Link Project. The dataset contains the following 7 layers for maps provided in the Detailed Project Description. These data files are available to the public under the terms of the Open Government Licence – Canada.

Layer Name Projection (name) Page number
Project Location NAD_1983_CSRS_UTM_Zone_16N 44
Potential Water Crossings NAD_1983_CSRS_UTM_Zone_16N 51
Corridor Alternatives NAD_1983_CSRS_UTM_Zone_16N 61
WSR MFCAR Connection Points NAD_1983_CSRS_UTM_Zone_16N 61
Terrain Suitability NAD_1983_CSRS_UTM_Zone_16N 62
Potential Aggregate Sources NAD_1983_CSRS_UTM_Zone_16N 64
Bedrock Outcrops NAD_1983_CSRS_UTM_Zone_16N 64

Detailed Project Description — Geospatial data (.ZIP – 49 MB)

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