Notice of Determination

July 11, 2023 - ADM Aéroports de Montréal has determined that the project to move the perimeter fence that establishes the limit of the restricted area and the road along the fence in the western sector of the International Aerocity of Mirabel (YMX) is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects by applying the mitigation measures planned for the project.  

This determination was based on a consideration of the following factors:  

  • Technically and economically feasible mitigation measures listed below;
  • Community knowledge;
  • Indigenous knowledge and impacts on rights of Indigenous peoples.

The mitigation measures considered for this determination are as follows:

Water Quality:

  • Implement effective measures to limit the input of sediment from the construction site to the aquatic environment at all times and ensure that they are maintained throughout the construction period.
  • When working near watercourses, install erosion control mats on the banks to reduce or prevent rutting and to reduce the effects of soil compaction and sediment delivery to watercourses.
  • Only cutting close to the ground is allowed (grubbing is prohibited).
  • Stumps, shrubs and other herbaceous vegetation must be left in place until work begins to reduce the risk of erosion, and then left in place after work is completed to promote vegetation recovery and slope stabilization.
  • No work below the littoral zone between April and July.
  • No machinery is permitted on the banks of the watercourse (below the high water mark) and work must be carried out in such a way as never to impede the flow or alter the integrity of the substrate of the watercourse bed. Plant material and soil to be removed, and the re-profiling of ditch slopes, shall be carried out from the bank, taking all necessary measures to limit the introduction of suspended matter into the watercourse.
  • Use biodegradable oils in motorized equipment working within 30 m of the watercourse to reduce the risk of water pollution.
  • Restore buffer strips and banks following the installation of culverts.

Migratory birds:

  • Clearing and vegetation removal during the bird nesting season (mid-April to early September) is prohibited.
  • If light activities are required during the bird breeding season, a biologist must check for the presence of nests prior to commencing work.


  • Identify sensitive areas with high visibility fencing and field markings to protect them. A 15 m buffer zone from the wetlands boundary is recommended.
  • Maintain existing drainage conditions to protect wetlands outside the work zone.

 Air quality:

  • Water unpaved roads and material piles to reduce dust emissions and cease operations in high winds.
  • Limit vehicle speed to 10 km/h to reduce dust emissions and limit the number of machine and vehicle movements.
  • Avoid vehicle idling and check the efficiency of emission control systems.
  • Ensure that machinery is in good condition.

Soil quality:

  • Manage soil in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Inspect equipment and machinery regularly for leaks and spills.
  • Provide on-site oil spill kits.

 Fish habitat:

  • Follow all stream protection measures required in the quote.
  • Under no circumstances must the work cause the death of fish or the deterioration of their habitat, which is prohibited by law.
  • The presence of the environmental monitor and/or a wildlife specialist experienced in supervising such work will help guide the work to limit the impact on the aquatic environment. 

Accordingly, ADM Aéroports de Montréal may exercise its powers to enable the project to be carried out, in whole or in part.  

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