Notice of Intent to Make a Determination

Muscowpetung Powwow Arbour - Public Comments invited

September 28, 2023 - Indigenous Services Canada must determine whether the proposed Muscowpetung Powwow Arbour, to be located on Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation, is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. To help inform this determination, Indigenous Services Canada is inviting comments from the public respecting that determination.

Written comments must be submitted by October 27, 2023 to:

Indigenous Services Canada
1827 Albert Street
Regina, SK, S4P 2S9
Telephone: 306-581-3134

Proposed Project

Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation  is proposing the development of the Powwow Arbour project. The design of the Muscowpetung powwow arbour considers and capitalizes on local knowledge, labour and materials. The building design was established with community and band leadership consultation. Community engagement was critical to the refinement of the arbour's function, size and the development of a unifying design intention that ties all aspects of the structural design and architectural expression.

The following functional planning and guidelines have been developed and refined throughout the design process. All items included here have been based on discussions with with Muscowpetung project team.

Overall Dimensions and Requirements:
• Powwow Arbour to accommodate approximately 2500 people, including up to 1000 dancers that may
• The Diameter of total structure is estimated to be approximately 150' (45m)
• The Diameter of the dancer's area is estimated to be approximately 100' (31m)
• Structure should be circular (not octagonal)
• No centre pole in structure.

• Enter from the east. Consider the cardinal points in the design for secondary exiting.
• Confirm exiting from the West in appropriate

Announcers Booth:
• Announcers Booth (roughly 15'x15') to be located to the north of the east entrance
(right side of entrance while walking in). Needs to accommodate A/V equipment and head staff
Elder's Seating Area:
• Elders seating area to be on the north side of the announcers booth - located on the north side of
announcers booth. Needs to be accessible
Seating Areas:
• Seating should be bleacher style

Building Materials:
Should be timber and natural materials where possible. 

Key Design Items:
• Direction to proceed with permanent roof structure for rain protection. Requires permanent structure that requires structural accommodation for snow load. Working roof load is 10psf
• The structure should accommodate both Cree and Saulteaux (Ojibwe) traditions – which is the Muscowpetung membership.
• Air flow is important to accommodate natural ventilation (like a teepee). The structure can reference the Ojibwe lodge – which is structurally different than the cree teepee

Scale of Structure
Based on our initial discussions with Muscowpetung project team, we anticipate the Powwow Arbour
to have the following approximate design criteria:
• 150' (46m) outer diameter for spectators' area covered structure
• 100' (31m) dance area diameter
• Covered ring structure area approx. 25' wide (8m wide)
• Structure to be designed to accommodate covered area over dance area (clear span - no centre pole)

• Accommodations for A/V and Electrical integration (A/V stored off-site)

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