Notice of Environmental Assessment Determination

Ottawa - January 17, 2013 - The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) has decided that a federal environmental assessment is not required for the Green Electron Natural Gas Power Generation Project (the Project) pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (CEAA 2012).

In making this determination, the Agency considered the following factors as indicated in section 10 of CEAA 2012:

  • the description of the Project provided by the proponent on November 20, 2012;
  • the possibility that the carrying out of the Project may cause adverse environmental effects; and
  • comments received within the 20 day comment period.

The carrying out of the Project is not expected to require any federal authority to exercise a power or perform a duty or function within the meaning of subsection 5(2) of CEAA 2012, and therefore the focus of the screening was on environmental effects, as described in subsection 5(1) of CEAA 2012.

The Agency is satisfied that the environmental effects of the Project are well understood and adequately documented in the description of the Project and in the associated impact studies referenced therein for the East and West sites.

The Agency is satisfied that the Project will result in minor environmental effects and that these effects will be adequately managed by the proponent.  The mitigation measures proposed by the proponent are detailed within the description of the Project and in the impact studies referenced therein, including with respect to matters identified in comments received during the 20 day comment period.

Therefore, the Agency decided that an environmental assessment of the designated Project, as proposed in the description of the Project, is not required under CEAA 2012.

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