This project does not make sense from economic, environmental, justice, social, and cultural perspectives.

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Looking at the human and environmental risks, rejection of the Teck Frontier Mine proposal is the only rational choice for the public good.

Proposing the biggest oil sands mine yet is complete nonsense in a climate crisis as it will make it impossible to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

This mine also is not and will not be commercially viable. Independent data projections predict that the low quality West Texas Intermediate oil price will range from $71USD/barrel in 2019 and decline to $67.30/barrel over the life of the project while the breakeven price for the project is $84USD/barrel for Phase 1 and $86USD/barrel in Phase 2 (Source:…/Significant-Financial-Risks-Confront-Tec… (

This project would also directly violate the treaty rights of the First Nations people of this territory and their rights protected by section 35 of the Canadian constitution by poisoning water and traditional food sources, not only preventing them from living their culture, but threatening hunger through the loss of food security.

For the prosperity, health and safety of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada, we should be transitioning away from fossil fuel energy into renewable energy, such as solar, wind, tidal and geothermal of energy that not only create more family-supporting jobs for the money invested, but protect the health of Canadians and the environment we are completely dependent on for survival.

This is also a matter of protecting heritage. Wood Buffalo National Park is of global value as a World Heritage Site and the mitigation measures proposed are inadequate to protect the endangered Whooping Crane and Wood Bison. Instead of projects like these, we need a Green New Deal that creates 1 million new green jobs, respects Indigenous rights and increases investments in needs like sustainable housing and public transportation. It is your job to serve Canadians, not dying industries. Please reject this proposal.

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Melissa Orobko
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2019-11-26 - 10:26 PM
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