Climate Change must be stopped, not encouraged

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 The project will release a large volume of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change and making it even more difficult for Canada to meet international greenhouse gas reduction targets. If approved, this project will be one of the largest facility-based emitters of greenhouse gases in the country. Millions of people around the world have opened their eyes and realize that if nothing is done to slow down climate change, our world will be impossible to live in. think about the generations to come, they will be blaming today's generation for not doing anything to stop this atrocity. If this is approved, it's all going to be for the greed of money, nothing else. Please listen to the people of the world, it's our home as well and I do not want another company ruining another natural area filled with wildlife. If this happens, so many species of animals will be destroyed and displaced, with nowhere to live. Please do not approve of this. We already have so much to clean up in the world, so many problems. I do not want another one on our hands while you bathe in the money from oil and I just stress even more about the state of our world. I am a 16-year-old girl, speaking on behalf of everyone who cares. 

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Maryam Sajjad
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2019-11-29 - 12:26 AM
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