Unacceptable impact on a national park and climate goals

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The Frontier Oil Sands Mine would have an unacceptable impact on migratory birds, endangered whooping cranes, and wood bison in the area. UNESCO has already expressed concerns about the derioration of Wood Buffalo National Park, and this government has expressed a committment to greater action to protect it. Having this mine so close to the park would undermine this goal.

This facility would also have significant greenhouse gas emissions, and if the world really does make significant progress on greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade and reach net-zero emissions by 2050, this mine could become a stranded asset. If Teck is still a strong, financially stable company then, they could pay to reclaim it, but if they (or a future owner) go through bankruptcy, the government could end up on the hook for clean-up.

The environmental impacts of this project are not justified and it should not be approved.

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Alex Scheuerman
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Climate change Migratory Birds Species at Risk
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2019-11-30 - 11:25 PM
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