Teck Frontier Mine

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The Teck Frontier Mine project, if approved, has extreme implications that cannot be ignored. The surrounding area to the proposed 290 sq-km mining site is precious land and is filled with valuable plant and animal life. More specifically, the Wood Buffalo National Park and the Peace-Athabasca Delta would suffer undeniably from the ripple effects of the mine. The Peace-Athabasca Delta is one of the largest freshwater inland deltas. The mine, if approved, would be the closest oil sands development project to the park, risking irreversable damage on the quality of that water resource- along with the habitat that relies on that water. Spills, leaks, water withdrawals, and malfunctions would be a reality that would threaten countless areas of life in the surrounding lands.

To whomever has the power over this decision, I would hope they could take a moment and spend time with the birds, the buffalo, the intricacies of plant-life, and the ancient trees that provide living sanctuaries. How then, would they be able to step into this world knowing that they chose monetary wealth over generations of natural wealth- over a land that flourishes and in turn ripples out onto the communities of people's who are visitors on that land. 

Thank you for taking time with this comment.

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Zaeya Winter
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2020-01-23 - 1:41 PM
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