The Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project will hurt Ablerta's economy

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For the best interests of the Albertans, the Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project should not be approved, because it will not be economically viable as oil price falls sharply when the whole world moves away from dependency on fossil fuel. The current economical difficulty that Alberta is suffering has its roots in the mistaken priorities of former federal and provincial governments which heavily invested in the development of oil sands. That failure is the best indication that investing in oils sands no longer make economical sense in today's world. Since 2006, the world has changed a lot. The world will change even more and the climate will change even more in the next 15 years. The socio-economical conditions for an economically viable oil sands development wll soon stop to exist, if it has ever existed without subsidies. We must not repeat the mistake Canada and Alberta made under the former governments.

Concerning the ecnomical viability, the former CEO of BP said publicly that Oil Sands in Canada should have never been developed: Specifically, concerning the proposed development of the Frontier Oil Sands Mine, the predicted economical benenift is at best uncertain: And even the company itself is unsure about it:

The government must take the long view, if it truly cares about and wants to help Albertans. While there is no doubt that in the short term, the development of the Frontier Oil Sands Mine may bring some jobs. These jobs will only be short lived as the changes in the climate of the world, in public opinion, and indeed in the world economy take away the conditions of sustained profitability of oil sands mining.

Instead, the federal government should heavily invest in agriculture, research (such as artificial intelligence), health, and higher education in Alberta. We could imagine a future in which Alberta, through the help of Canada as a whole, become a world leader in climate-friendly agriculture production and R&D.


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Jun Luo
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2020-02-09 - 1:36 PM
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