This project will blow away Canada's emissions targets

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I feel that the economic benefits of this project are founded upon an impossible value for oil. Those benefits are in risk. before the project even starts. 

If the project proceeds, the considerable damage to the environment, fresh water and groundwater, and endangered animals will definitely occur, whether or not the project is profitable, whether or not any of the economic benefits are realized. Without economic viability, promises of recovery and reclamation of the lands after the project will never materialize, leaving governments on the hook for those costs, and impacts. 

Moreover, this project will blow away any hope of Canada attaining emissions targets, or of keeping climate change in check. As I understand that, that's before you consider emissions from refining and using the tarsands oil that project sponsors hope to export. We need to leave it in the ground, stop the subsidies to big oil, and redirect efforts to support transition of the economy to green, non-carbon alternative industries. 



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Ron Watt
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2020-02-22 - 4:46 PM
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