CN Hub placement in Milton / Halton

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To whom it may concern,

I am a resident of Milton and have lived her for close to 10 years have owned and operated a business in Milton for close to 15 years and I would like to say that I am opposed to the placement of the intermodal hub being so close to residents homes, schools, wildlife, long term care facilities and a community that is still growing rapidly. A hub that seeins 1200 or more trucks passing through daily would be catastrophic to the environment, people, daily commute, health and safety, economy and to the growth of the community as home values would drop.  I believe that there exists other locations available outside of communities anywhere that a hub like this can exist and CN should be planning to build out in an area far away from a thriving populated community as described above.

thank you,

Julie Creighton

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Julie Creighton
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2020-08-22 - 8:22 AM
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