I 100% oppose to this Milton Logistics Hub Project

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My family had moved to Milton since 2016 because it's a great city to start a family due to the wildlife, abundant conservation area, quite city, high residential zones, under great HSDB, and government facilities such as hospitals, community centres, libraries, etc. It's a perfect city to grow our future generations of kids in their tweens and young teens. Transportation into downtown Toronto is efficient with highways around. However, knowing this project happening is devastating to us. Seeing the upcoming noises, serious traffic issues, asthma and allergy prone children having health problems, destroyed wildlife and farm lands or green spaces, we are seeing us having to leave this beautiful city only because of CN only care about convenience and money while ignoring humanity and nature. Milton once one of the fastest growing city in Ontario will be destroyed and become a wasteland. Families will run from it. Milton will only be known as logistics hub and nothing else. With current COVID situation, families all over the world including families in Milton have already suffered enough. We cannot be negativity affected by anything more!

CN go and bring this project somewhere else!

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Jackie Poon
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2020-08-31 - 1:02 AM
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