CN and the Town of Milton

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I honestly don't even know why there is a discussion about the CN lands in Milton.  CN have owned these lands for many, many years when Milton was nothing but a small town.  But in the area became available and the land was sold to developers who knew the land nearby was owned by CN!!  They didn't bother to inform the buyers and now all these newbies don't want it "in their backyard".  They probably don't want the planes from Pearson flying overhead either.

If CN is forced out of this area by a bunch of newbies, they next thing they will be complaining about will be the price of goods, food, etc.

The residents that are complaining should be told that this land belongs to CN and tough on you.  If they didn't have the brains to find out what was in the area before they purchased a home, too bad.  We have a CN rail line within walking distance of our home.  We knew that before we bought our home.  We also have an airport close by in Hamilton.  We knew that.because we looked around to see what was here.

You can tell the people of Milton to either put up with it, or move.  Their choice!  We cannot do without our rail lines.  To get from the rail to the store or the company, we need trucks.  It has to happen somewhere.  

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Bev Andersen
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2020-08-31 - 6:43 PM
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