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I am a new mother. My family and I are new residents of Milton. And we are first time homebuyers. We instantly fell in love with this beautiful town of Milton. Please, please don't build this in our peaceful and quiet and currently safe town. We moved to Milton because we wanted to give our baby a brilliant life, mixed with nature and a safe and friendly area. Building this project will remove the safety from our lives. Please think about the air we breathe. Please think about the little kids running up and down the streets in the summer, trying to enjoy fresh air. Please don't take that away. We worked so hard to buy and create our home here as did thousands of families in this town. Please think about us. We are simply asking to find a different spot, away from ANY residential areas.There is so much wildlife that we love to see on a daily basis. Families of deer and coyotes love to roam free in the little conservation land they have left. Please consider their well-being too. I have confidence you can figure out a different place in this wonderful country of ours that does not risk the lives of innocent people. Thank you

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Sara S
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2020-11-22 - 7:10 PM
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