Project will harm citizens of Milton

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I am disgusted at the hypocrisy by this Goverment with repect to this Intermodal project. For almost 2 years I and many others were not allowed to work due to the Pandemic. My industry was shut down and the reason given, was to protect our HEALTH! I lost Tens of Thousands of dollars, which will NEVER be recouped. As the Gov stated, this was to protect our HEALTH!

Suddenly when it comes to CN and thier profit, health is NOT that important. An exhausting enviromental impact study was completed by professionals, CHOSEN by the Goverment, which included the following assessment " adverse HEALTH and enviromental impacts" will be the result of the project. How is it that our health is no longer important? If this is the case, then I expect to be reimbursed for the tens of thsousnads I lost and all mandates currently in place (to protect us from Covid) be lifted and NEVER implemeted again. The Gov cannot have it both ways, health is important when Covid rears its ugly head, but, "adverse HEALTH impacts" on the citizens of a town are of no concern when it comes to CN and thier profits.

Minsiter Wilkinson completely disregarded his duties as Enviromental minister, when he approved (with conditions) the project. He did this after reading the report which stated "adverse Health and ENVIROMENTAL" impacts will be the result of this project. I dont beleive he spent any seriuos, if at all time in Milton. In fact, Oxford county was willing to have the project in thier vicinity, which was not near any housing, hospitals, long term care, and schools as it will be here in Milton. Somehow, he had no influence in making that happen. He stated that as Minister he wanted to leave a better world for his Daughters. As I made clear in a commincation to him (which he ignored) What about Miltons Daughters?Are they not entitled to the same rights as his family?.

The Hypocrisy here is galling and sadly becoming more of a reality with the Present Goverment. Prime Minister Trudeau needs to walk the talk and cancel this project as it will harm generations to come!

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Ian Jutsun
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2022-06-08 - 2:48 PM
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