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I am strongly opposed to this project. Nova Scotia has a finite amount of untouched wilderness and we are destroying it with projects like this. This is not a permenant source of jobs & income, it is temporary. The land will never be fully restored to its natural being if this project were to proceed. The negative impact to the environment and wildlife is not worth it. The St. Marys river is one of the few remaining rivers in our province with a sustainable atlantic salmon population. The st marys river association & atlantic salmon federation has invested millions into saving atlantic salmon in this river system. Approving this project could completely ruin all the efforts put in over the past decades. 

Again, I am strongly opposed to this project. Save the precious environment Nova Scotia has remaining, dont ruin it with gold mines and the pollution that comes with them.

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Daniel McCarron
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2021-04-30 - 6:03 PM
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