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I am very familiar with the landscapes of the St. Mary's River. As an artist and naturalist I have been fortunate enough to explore both the river and the surrounding watersheds for many years. I have also done several avian studies in the area of the proposed gold mine for other land owner interests. The old growth forests and unique ecosystems of the area are an absolute gem and I would consider them an outstanding examples of both riparian zones and Acadian Forest  in the region.

The Saint Mary's river is on the way to recovery after many years of exploitation through forestry, mining, overfishing and acid rain on its native salmon and trout populations as well as other river species. 

Our planet, which sustains us all is now at a critical juncture, to consider placing a mine in such a pristine and important habitat that holds representative examples of all species in this part of Nova Scotia is absolutely ludicrous.

These places cannot be completely remediated after such extensive industrial exploitation. The St. Mary's River needs a voice, the endangered species that dwell and live out their lives in this ecosystem need a voice. The Decision makers must hear these voices through concerned citizens and indeed through the river itself. 

 There is the real possibility of a vibrant, healthy river once again without a gold mine -  including  the accompanying spin offs for those that live in the area through various low impact recreational and educational experiences. This is much more viable long-term plan than to simply destroy this place through a gold mine who's affects may last generations. 

I am speaking up for the endangered Wood Turtles, the endangered Mainland Moose, the endangered Canada warbler, the endangered Olive Sided Flycatcher, the endangered Atlantic Salmon, The endangered Rusty blackbird. We all say no to this gold mine.


yours Truly


Mark Brennan


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Mark Brennan
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2021-05-05 - 4:36 PM
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