No Gold Mine!

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As a resident of Melrose, Nova Scotia I strongly oppose the Cochrane Hill Gold Project. The idea that our government would even entertain an open pit gold mine along the St. Mary's River is absurd. For those of you who have not experienced this rare gem of a watershed within Nova Scotia, let me paint a picture for you.

When you visit the St. Mary’s River you will feel transported to paradise. The area provides tremendous ecological value, from it’s aquatic life and endangered species to large stands of eastern hemlocks and old growth forests. When on the river you hear no sounds but those of nature. When you look up into a clear night sky, you will see more stars than you have ever seen before. While walking through our floodplain forests or paddling the branches, you will catch glimpses of many endangered species. The list is endless as to who call the St. Mary’s River home.

Now, doesn’t this river, the historic St. Mary’s in Nova Scotia, sound like the perfect location for an open-pit gold mine? How reckless our government is being with our wild places. How irresponsible to entertain a proposal from Atlantic Gold; a company who is facing over 32 charges under Nova Scotia's Environmental Act. And all for a smash and grab mining operation with a 5-7 year life expectancy at most. It's preposterous!

Endangered Atlantic Salmon return to the St. Mary’s River each year to spawn. Footage of their spawning activity has been captured on camera. This extremely rare documentation is irrefutable evidence of our river’s health and what is at risk.

The diverse species that call the St. Mary’s River home do not have a voice, but I do and YOU, the reader of these comments, do as well. It's OUR responsibility to protect the biodiversity of our province for future generations. We cannot allow a mine to devastate another environmentally sensitive area!

Nova Scotians today do not want, nor do we need another gold mine.





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Deirdre Green
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2021-05-05 - 9:27 PM
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