I do not support gold mines in Nova Scotia

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When a company comes to Nova Scotia to rape our landscape and remove precious metals while damaging the environment I must speak up.  The sight of huge trucks destroying the ecosystems and tearing up our roads upsets me. The Cochrane hill site is too fragile for such mining.  Its a small area sandwiched between the ocean and a precious salmon river.  A big mine would create an immense, toxic tailings pond that would loom 270 feet above the scenic road that is the life line between Antigonish and Sherbrooke towns.  It would rob the water from the nearby lakes and rivers and threaten this beautiful environment forever.  Dust from the mine would pollute our air, it can travel up to 40 miles I hear and cover our properties and forests with a thick layer of dust.  Big trucks full of mined rock have to travel 2 hours along the main road where people live on either side of the road to a different site to be processed.  Thus these trucks will be destroying the roads and severely impacting these roadside families.  Its no longer safe to walk along the road or let your children near the road not to mention the noise and dust.  We would do much better to promote ecotourism and flaunt our pristine environment than to give greedy companies an opportunity to come and destroy forever what we have worked hard to preserve.  The planet is in a crisis.  These actions cannot continue.  Its time to fight for the preservation of every plant and animal species that lives here.  We are too intelligent to let this type of distruction take place.  We can develop other ways to employ Nova Scotians besides giving free reign to greedy foreigners whose only interest is the almight dollar. Foreigners who would come here to take what they want and leave us with a big mess all the while destroying our beautiful small province.  Water not gold is my motto, a healthy planet not gold works well also.  Please preserve this area for generations to come and say no to gold mining in our small precious home.

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Mary Ballard
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2021-05-07 - 10:31 AM
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