Opposed to gold mining in Nova Scotia

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I am opposed to the gold mining plans in Nova Scotia. It will destroy the environment, not only on the mine site but also due to road construction or extending of road construction to the site. Even though the mining company tells the public that the mining activities will not negatively impact the environment, the risks of leaking toxic chemicals are still present and the benefits of the little revenue that the Province will get from the mining company will not outweigh the environmental risks. The amount of rock that needs to be taken to get a bit of gold is tremendous. I do not know the exact details but tons of rocks need to be mined to get grams of gold. I believe that the province of Nova Scotia and Canada in general should focus on preserving and restoring nature instead of destroying nature. We depend on nature for our survival. We depend on clean water, clean air (produced by forests) and clean soil. Gold mining will only destroy nature. Also there is a tremendous amount of gold already mined and available that can be recycled. I don't think it is necessary that banks or financial institutions need gold in the safes as a guarantee or that gold-standards are still required. That gold can be recycled to use in applications that require gold right now such as electronics. I realize that we all want jobs but I believe that our Province, our country and our society should focus on jobs in industries that do not destroy nature, that do not bring risks for pollution and are sustainable for future generations. History has shown that the gold mining companies will not take responsibility for cleaning up the sites, are only focused on earning as much money in the shortest amount of time, have to pay very little revenue to the province by taking our resources and provide economical (jobs) opportunities for a short amount of time. 

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Karin De Vries
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2021-05-08 - 8:16 PM
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