Webequie Supply Road Project/Marten Falls Community Access Road Project!

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*Re-submitted with minor corrections, and with approval - thank you. DM.
I write this email/letter to the attention of both levels of Government and it's officials!
I write this email/letter with your invitation to provide comments on any proposed resource development activity that is to occur on the traditional homelands or territories of the people, and I refer specifically to both the Webequie Supply Road Project - reference #80183 and the Marten Falls Community Access Road Project - reference #80184.
I also write this email/letter as a reminder of the Treaty Relationship that we are suppose to have with each other as two different nations. I also remind your governments, along with your officials, that our Aboriginal & Treaty Rights are protected under section 35 of the Canadian Constitution Act, 1982.
As per the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, the written Constitution of Canada was amended so as to recognize explicitly the special status and rights of Aboriginal Peoples. Further, these rights are unalienable for as long as the sun shines, the grass grows, and the rivers flow. There have been times in the past to address constitutional reforms with respects to Aboriginal relations, however little or no progress has evolved from our special relationship with each other. The current Liberal government has suggested 'Reconciliation' with its Aboriginal partners, but what does that really mean??? Is it a take-away from our historic treaties? Are you stating again that we are to release and surrender not only our rights but our rights to the land as well - all for the sole purpose of development within our homelands?
Within the context of Aboriginal sovereignty and jurisdiction, a transformation of knowledge and understanding needs to happen to shape our destiny towards fulfilling indigenous self-determination and autonomy. Therefore, a rekindling of the terms of the James Bay Treaty (or other signed/unsigned treaties for that matter) is warranted before any resource development activity can occur. We need to restore the Nation to Nation relationship that we were suppose to have, and further, a need to respect our laws, customs, practises, and most importantly, a need to understand our Treaty Relationship with each other.
It is my hope that development does not occur for any wrong reasons or on a personal investment that may favour one nation, or any third party interest group. As individuals and as a group of people, we are here as a collective, and it is our desire as well, to protect our rights and interests.
In a letter dated July 6, 2011 written by (late) former Grand Chief Stan Louttit of the Mushkegowuk Council (representing seven member first nations on the western shores of James Bay), written to the attention of both levels of government, "the Mushkegowuk Chiefs have determined that we will work on a collective and unified basis on Ring of Fire issues, research, decision making and negotiations".
In closing, I would also like my letters dated August 12th, 2019 for the Webequie Supply Road Project, along with my letter dated August 29th, 2019 for the Marten Falls Community Access Road Project be re-submitted as part of your Indigenous Engagement & Participation plan.
Meequesh and thank you for the opportunity to submit this email/letter to your attention. I look forward to further dialogue on our relationship before you move forward with your plans of further development and extraction.
I submit this as,
Daniel Metatawabin
Treaty Rights Advocate
Omushkegowuk Nation
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Administrator on behalf of Daniel Metatawabin
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Public Notice - Public comments invited on the draft Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines and the draft Public Participation Plan
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