Response to February 24, 2020 letter from the Agency (see related document #112)

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Hi Caitlin,

Due to the current crisis situation, I am sending this message on behalf of Ginoogaming First Nation:

In reviewing the February 24th documents on the Marten Falls Community Access Road Project and the Webequie Supply Road Project IAs, the following comments are provided on Attachment 4 (summary of information available to the IAAC on GFN):

  • Section b), first and third bullets:
    • Ginoogaming First Nation’s traditional territory (see attached map) covers a large area of the proposed Marten Falls Community Access Road project, and thus we will be directly impacted by increased hunting and trapping activities, an increase in forestry activities, and an overall increase in traffic, most notably once both projects connect to the Ring of Fire (i.e. the recent announcement from Ontario on the ‘Northern Link Road’). These projects present potential impacts to GFN’s physical and cultural heritage, as well as to sites of historical and archeological significance, the extent of which will be determined through community consultation and engagement activities during these IAs. The documentation of GFN’s traditional territory area is always evolving, and further focused IK data collection activities need to be undertaken in the northern portion of our homelands (especially with directly affected families) prior to determining the significance of potential impacts.

Ginoogaming First Nation would like to take this opportunity to state our interest in developing a community-specific annex to the Indigenous Engagement & Partnership Plan for both projects, and requests that the IAAC review the GFN Engagement & Accommodation Protocol (attached) prior to discussing next steps. We also look forward to receiving further information on the Participant Funding Program, as funds are required to maintain/establish capacity moving forward in these IA and community engagement processes.

Please note that our band office is currently closed, and workflows are being adjusted accordingly. Any future meetings on these projects will have to take the current circumstances into account, and we ask for patience in the weeks ahead.


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