RE: Reminder - Comment period for the Prairie Lights Power Project - ends December 12, 2019

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Thank you for taking my call. As discussed, please see the preliminary initial response from our office and now that we have received the engagement funds, I can contact the various community members and or have an open house to gather further comments.


  • Time frame was not inclusive of our First Nation process of consultation.
  • PLPP is close to two sensitive species ranges- The threatened Grizzly Bear and Trumpeter Swan. Wildlife do not stay in their designated zones, they hunt and migrate. Page 32
  • Page 34 ‘Table 6. Potential Sensitive Species and likelihood of occurrence’ There are 18 Bird species and 8 mammals listed, being sensitive, threatened or endangered what process is in place to protect if any wildlife comes in contact with hazardous chemicals within the storm water pond or surrounding PLPP area?
  • Concern for the permanent displacement of habitat for any current wildlife. Complete loss of habitat. Page 43
  • Concern for the nearby water courses, closest one being 650m from PLPP, Big Mountain Creek 900m and Smokey River 4km. This raises concern considering the Trumpeter Swan zone is so close by. Page 46
  • Page 49-50 Under Hunting and Plant Gathering states “-further consultation with Indigenous Groups will occur as per ACO requirements and areas of traditional use would hopefully be identified at that time, if they exist.” Once our offices receives site assessment payment, our team can assess the area and determine if there are any traditional uses within the proposed area.
  • Concern for the PLPP being located within the Alberta Wildlife Management Unit 356 – Land use allowed for hunting. Loss of land for hunting.  Page 49


We will be in touch shortly to relay the additional comments. We also welcome you to the open house should you wish to attend. It will be in the new year.




Michelle Knibb

ICRCC First Nation Liaison

Kapawe`no First Nation

P.O. Box 10

Grouard, AB  T0G 1C0


Office: 780-751-3714

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