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Hello Aleksandra and Andrea,


Thank you for seeking feedback from the EAO regarding IAAC’s designation request for West Path deliver 2022 and 2023. I would like to follow up from our brief phone call on this.


As discussed, we have been in communication with TC Energy about this proposed project. At this time, we understand that this project would not exceed any of the thresholds in our Reviewable Projects Regulation and therefore it would not require an assessment under our Environmental Assessment Act (2018). In addition, no Indigenous nation or other party has been in contact with us expressing any views or concerns on this project; in particularly, we have not received any designation request.


Lastly, as discussed, we are not a permitting agency. There are typically provincial permitting requirements on federally regulated projects; although I am not certain what specific requirements there may be for this project. I would recommend contacting the Oil and Gas Commission (Garth Thoroughgood) and the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (Michelle Schwabe) for more information and to seek feedback on this request.


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Nathan Braun

Executive Project Director

Environmental Assessment Office

Government of British Columbia

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