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 I am extremly concerned at the developement on the east side of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.  To date no matter how much money has been put in to the research to keep Selenuim and many other highly water soluable poisens out of the water supply it has proved to be a fail.  There is so much data about the harms of coal why would we purposly do something so harmful.  Canada is supposed to helping to lead the world into a more climate and earth friendly era and yet we continue to ruin the most valuable assest we have.  Just look at what they have done in the oceans around the world.  Where they convinced people to stop hunting sharks, turtles and over fishing people are goign their in droves to see these animals.  Do you think people will continue to come to Alberta to see coal mines, deformed fish, limited wild life in towns covered in dust?  You know in your heart this is wrong.  This will not help create long term jobs rather maybe a veiw decades of jobs and then a thousands years if ever to repair the damage to peoples lungs and mental state, the water all the way to the Hudson Bay.  There is such good tecnology on how to make steel with out coal now so why do we not develope that!  The future for our people, our province, our country and our world is in the hands of those who can see new ways of keeping a balance.  Education and advancment is our future.  We need to put money into the future not the past.  There are trucks loads of documentation on the evils of Coal mining.  We did not know all of it in the past but we do now.  Please, I am begging you all Please stand up for our most precious gift, clean water.  Do not believe me just ask anyone of the 500 + million people in the world who do not have good access to good water.

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Winchester Cattle Co LTD
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2021-05-26 - 6:02 PM
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