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Attachment CIAR, Information Request

  • PADCOM Potash Solution Mining Project
  • Author: Administrator on behalf of Tangi Bell
  • Reference Number: 18
  • Submitted: 2021-12-23
  • Project Phase: N/A
  • Participation Notice: N/A
  • Is there a reason that a deadline date is not stated or a submit procedure does not exist for 83207?   The attached are my comments sent to the Manitoba Environmental Approvals Branch. Request that they be included in the request to designate the Potash and Agri Development Corporation of Manitoba Ltd. #83207   Please note that the project will go beyond 2050 and must comply with Bill C-12 and SACC. The project requires installation of a new gas pipeline to supply the volume required. Canada is one of the world’s top emitters for GHG emissions from fertilizers and can only reduce fertilizer emissions through regenerative farming practices that do not rely on synthetic fertilizers. Crude oil and Amine are used on the product and toxic to aquatic life. Leaks/spills/contamination from the mill site and mining activities will flow to the Assiniboine River flowing into the Red River ...
  • Attachment Included
  • Public registry 6126.00 - Potash and Agri Development Corporation of Manitoba Ltd. (PADCOM) The following are reasons for my objection to the proposed horizontal selective solution mining and milling project. According to Manitoba Classes of Development Regulation potash mine and mills fall under a Class 3 Development. In 1988, public hearings by the Clean Environment Commission were provided for the development of a potash mine at Russell, Manitoba by Canamax Resources. 1 • I request written reason as to why this proposed project is being handled differently and not assessed under Class 3 developments? A10 km radius is identified for potential effects from the project (3.2 Spatial Boundaries). This radius extends outside of Manitoba and would then dictate agreement from the province of Saskatchewan as per section 13.1 of the Manitoba Environment Act. Although the Hatfield Aquifer is mainly in Saskatchewan it extends into Manitoba and will be used by the proponent; ...


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