The Hydrogen Ready Power plant project is merely a sign of greed, corruption and a willingness to worsen our declining environment and us forgotten, poverty stricken Nations.

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I am an MMIW & 60s scoop survivor. Abducted as a baby.  I was raised white, educated white, and brainwashed into being embarrassed about my aboriginal heritage. I finally broke free of my abusive adopted criminals.  I have been researching my roots and am ashamed of the unjust, continual racism by the federal government-regulated body that runs the Nations.  I see no reconciliation achievement.  The Hydrogen Ready Power plant has all the right legal project plan to follow Federal Legislation and regular requirements to continue without our input. It has already started with our without our concerns.  Will they really care what the Aboriginal Nations and eligible individuals federal impact statements from  They need to really consider the United Nations call to action that states that protection and realization of the rights of indigenous peoples and redoubling efforts to ensure collaborative and coherent United Nations system action to support the rights and well-being of indigenous Nations?  As an abducted aboriginal and first nation band member am living with cultural genocide. I was taught to feel guilt and shame for everything about my traditional cultures and communities. The Hydrogen Ready Power plants project and energy goals we know will forge onward without us. Canada and the corporations have not listened to or cared about our input on a range of projects, from solar and geothermal to mining within Indigenous territories. Nobody has successfully gained our trust or followed through with recognizing our Indigenous cultural traditions, land, and way of life ever. We are commodifiable and consumable to you.  How about acknowledging the failings of your past when it comes to Indigenous. Indigenous peoples Canada needs to acknowledge that they’re on stolen land and tell the truth about the history of this land; of how they treated our people. In my final assessment if read I believe that the Hydrogen Ready Power Plant "Project" will have a negative impact not just environmental, but have tremendous social and economic consequences as communities are torn apart, and alternately scorched, flooded, and face extreme droughts and wildfires, and super-powered storms due to the extra energy being trapped in the climate system. 

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Margaret Eckhart
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Initial Project Description
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2022-07-12 - 5:21 PM
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