Equitable inclusion of Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse persons

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While Indigenous Peoples are frequently regarded as key partners in project assessments, Indigenous women’s concerns and aspirations regarding industrial and resource extraction projects have historically been marginalized, as have the opportunities and benefits from such developments. Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people are frequently made invisible in impact assessment processes and their systematic exclusion has contributed to the significantly higher rate of gendered violence, poverty and homelessness experienced. Our project aims to help remediate intergenerational impacts of colonization that have marginalized Indigenous women from decision-making processes that affect their wellbeing and economic security.? ? 

We would like to express our approval of the extensive inclusion of nearby First Nations communities however, there is a lack of reference to the inclusion of Métis or Inuit communities. Recognizing that not all Indigenous Peoples fall into one lens of First Nation is essential. Likewise recognizing that the diversity of First Nations people is not represented by engaging with Chiefs or Band Councils alone is imperative to conducting inclusive and effective Impact Assessments. Effort should be made to provide opportunities more completely to the members of each community to participate and be considered. The IPD clearly outlined the eight potentially affected and nearby First Nation communities, providing each community’s distance from the project and details on engagement actions taken. Despite this, the plan lacks explicit details regarding which community members were given the opportunity to participate in engagement. We would like to advocate for the intentional inclusion of Indigenous women and gender diverse people to participate in Impact Assessments moving forwards. Ensuring that participation is being conducted with intersectional identities from each community is essential, as people experience the world uniquely based on a combination of identity factors. By including Indigenous women, more encompassing information can be provided to inform project development moving forwards. We advocate for the use of a GBA+ (gender-based analysis) framework to assess how multiple identities will be uniquely affected by project development.  

Efforts should be made to build and maintain relationships with Indigenous women and girls from surrounding communities. By creating space for multiple worldviews and multiple engagement avenues across worldviews, a more authentic Impact Assessment is conducted. Our organization explicitly requests that steps are being taken to ensure that Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people are being included in decision making for this project and that their input is being thoroughly considered with tangible, measured mitigation of impacts. ?Thank you for considering our comment in the Impact Assessment Process.??We look forward to an equitable, sustainable, and just future for all Canadians now and for future generations.?

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Temiskaming Native Women's Support Group
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Initial Project Description
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2022-07-13 - 2:34 PM
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