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  • Describe the mandate of the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority?
    • The core mandate of Conservation Authorities is to undertake watershed-based programs to protect people and property from flooding and other natural hazards, and to conserve natural resources for economic, social and environmental benefits.
    • St. Clair Region Conservation Authority has reviewed the project information under the context of Ontario Regulation 171/06, "Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses”, as it pertains to flooding and erosion hazards, and impacts to wetlands.
  • Has the Proponent adequately articulated potential effects (both positive and negative) of the Project? 
    • If not, itemize, with appropriate rationale, specific potential effects that require attention by the Proponent?
      • The Proponent has recognized that the project is proposed within lands regulated by the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority under Ontario Regulation 171/06, as shown on the attached map
  • Has the Proponent clearly demonstrated how potential adverse effects would be managed? 
    • Are there other well-understood mitigation measures or existing guidance documents that might be applicable?
      • Section 5.2 of the Environmental Screening and Review Report notes that “… the project will not be located in any area of known flooding, erosion or human-made hazards.” The proposed development is located within the estimated floodplain hazard.
  • Given its mandate, what role does the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority have for projects of this nature or for projects located in the specific area of the proposed Project?
    • Has the Proponent identified any relevant permits or guidance from the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority for activities within the regulated area that could manage effects? 
      • The Proponent has identified that previous works on the property were subject to a permit from the SCRCA, and that similar mitigation would be required for the proposed future works.
      • The Environmental Screening and Review Report notes that “All site works will conform to the regulatory requirements of the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority in terms of fill placement as well as prevention of sedimentation or erosion.” The proposed cut and fill works outlined in the Stormwater Management Report should be discussed with SCRCA.
    • For each applicable permit or guidance, what potential adverse effects would these manage?
      • SCRCA’s permit process would review any potential flooding or erosion hazard concerns related to the proposed development. This would include ensuring that new development is appropriately floodproofed, in addition to ensuring that the new development, including the proposed stormwater management, would not exacerbate the existing flooding and erosion hazards.
      • The permit application and description of process is available on SCRCA’s website:
    • For each applicable permit or guidance, would engagement or consultation with the public and Indigenous communities be required? If yes, provide a high-level summary of the requirements, including the role(s) of the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority and/or the Proponent.
      • N/A
    • Is there any additional information related to the geographic context of the Project (e.g. potential effects to natural heritage features, Indigenous protected and conserved areas, provincial species at risk, provincial policy statements on planning or zoning in the area) for which the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority has information or authority?
      • SCRCA provides natural heritage review of projects on behalf of the Municipality. SCRCA has not reviewed the EIS in detail, however offers the following comments.
        • The Proponent has described the natural heritage features on and near the subject area, and has indicated that the proposed development will take place outside of the features and the adjacent lands of the features, and should therefore have no negative impacts on the features or their ecological functions.
        • It should be noted that Significant Wildlife Habitat and Habitat of Threatened and Endangered Species may occur outside of the natural heritage areas.
        • Mitigation measures have been outlined, including timing windows for construction, and links to relevant Provincial and Federal legislation related to Endangered Species, Species at Risk, etc. SCRCA defers to the relevant Provincial and Federal agencies to provide comments with respect to their legislation.
        • It should be noted that the EIS was completed in 2012, so additional desktop and/or field-based updates should be considered.
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Public Notice - Public Comments Invited on a Summary of the Initial Project Description
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