Hydrogen ready power plant will likely increase emissions

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The St Clair power plant will burn hydrogen made by Steam Methane Reforming using natural gas. This produces so-called 'blue hydrogen' and the process to make the hydrogen always produces greenhouse gases. Always. The carbon capture and storage process being developed has never fully eliminated these emissions and is not expected to do so despite the industry's fervent claims of success.  Please contact me for the links to the peer reviewed papers on this subject. So, the hydrogen substituting for natural gas at this power plant will NOT reduce emissions. Moreover, combusting hydrogen can produce emissions of N2O which is also a greenhouse gas even though it does not contain carbon. Only green electrolytic hydrogen will reduce emissions from a natural gas power plant and this is not the hydrogen being produced for this plant. Furthermore, there is no  justification for a new fossil fuel power plant in Ontario. The IESO should consider transmission links with Quebec's hydropower reources, the installation of more wind power in the province, and ways to flattern peak demand by storage behind the meter and vehicle to grid connections. For the EIA, this is essential to expose the fact that the company is trading on the public's perception that all hydrogen is clean and emission free.  It's not. Only green hydrogen made by the electrolysis of water using renewable energy is emssion-free in its manufacture; but not completely when it is burned as a fuel.  

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