Northwatch Comments on the draft Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines and draft Public Participation Plan for the Crawford Nickel Project

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Northwatch’s objective in participating in this and other mining related assessment processes is to provide an independent review of mines as proposed, and to contribute to mine reviews in such a manner as to reduce environmental impacts and increase social benefits.

The questions Northwatch poses as a basis for mine reviews in which we engage include the following:

  • Will the mine project, if in an area with past or active mines, result in or contribute to the remediation of past mining impacts?
  • Will the mine project maximize economic / social benefits to local communities, especially communities who have previously been mine-dependent or mining-impacted?
  • Will the mine assessment be carried out in a way that adequately identifies the ecological values in the project area and adequately assesses the degree to and the manner in which the proposed mining-related activities imperils these values?
  • Will the mining activities be carried out in a manner that avoids environmental harm?
  • Will the mine project avoid adversely impacting recreational opportunities and pastimes in the mine’s vicinity?
  • Will the mine project be carried out in a manner that respects and preserves the rights, land uses and interests of Indigenous peoples?

Review of the Draft Public Participation Plan and Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines 

On February 6 the Agency posted a draft Public Participation Plan and invited comments on the plan, as well as announcing public information sessions. There would be two sessions held online the next week, one in English and one in French, and the following week there would be a three hour in-person information centre on the western edge of the City of Timmins.  Northwatch has reviewed the draft Public Participation Plan and draft Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines and provides our comments in the attached document. 


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Public Notice: Comments Invited on the Draft Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines and Draft Public Participation Plan
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