Little Red River Cree Nation: CUZ42 John D'Or Prairie Emergency Water Pipeline from Adams Landing

    The 2023 Paskwa Wildfire resulted in considerable damage to the community of Fox Lake, requiring construction of new homes and community infrastructure to support re-entry of the residents. The community is considered to be not-habitable due to lack of support infrastructure and community services. Additionally, the community is isolated and may only accessed by air (year-round) and by barge across the Peace River during open-water conditions. These logistical constraints present additional considerations for the community recovery and increased timelines in the construction process.

    As such, approximately 1700 evacuee residents and construction contractors have been temporarily housed in tiny homes, with other families, and at two modular camps established in the community of John D'Or Prairie; expanding the population of John D'Or Prairie from 1435 people to 3135 people. The population increase is anticipated to increase the community's water demand beyond the winter base-flow supply volume of the Lawrence River where John D'Or Prairie currently draws its water. To alleviate the impending water supply constraints, construction of a new waterline from the John D'Or Prairie Water Treatment Plant to a proposed water intake location at Adams Landing has been expeditated. The new water system will be operated in two phases, initially with water pumped from the Peace River using portable pumps during winter 2023/24, and subsequently through a water intake structure anticipated to be constructed in the Peace River at a later date.

    The proposed waterline alignment includes areas both on- and off-reserve, with portions located on Crown Lands of the Province of Alberta. The waterline will have an approximate length of 15 km and will be installed primarily using trenchless installation techniques, with open-cut sections where directional drilling is not feasible. The alignment utilizes existing access trails and agricultural lands, but requires clearing of vegetation to accommodate transportation of equipment, materials, and personnel. The waterline crosses numerous wetland areas and multiple tributaries. The new waterline has been sized to supply up to 2.5x the capacity of the current waterline and will divert up to 42 L/s to meet the anticipated water demand in John D'Or Prairie during the Fox Lake recovery, and future demands associated with population growth of the community.

    Due to the timeline constraints associated with construction and imposed by rapidly-approaching water supply limits, Indigenous Services Canada is completing this project environmental review in conjunction with current construction activities.


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Key documents
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1 Public Comment Period on Intent to Make a Determination - September 27, 2023


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