Quonset Hut Deconstruction

The proposed project will see the abatement and demolition of the West Light Quonset Hut at Sable Island National Park Reserve (SINPR). The Quonset Hut is located approximately 1.2km west of Main Station at the "West Light" area, adjacent to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans House. This semi-cylindrical metal structure is 350m2 with a concrete slab foundation. The interior consists of pressboard walls and ceilings and painted wooden floors. The exterior consists of metal siding. The building has not been in use for several decades and is in a state of disrepair. No power is currently supplied to the building, but abandoned communication cables are located in the vicinity. Most items have been removed from the building, but it still stores some old equipment and supplies. There is also an abandoned domestic well located North East of the structure and an abandoned septic tank and field presumably located North of the structure. The building was previously used by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Hazardous materials assessments were conducted in 2021 by independent consultants (CBCL 2021). The Hazardous Building Materials Survey revealed: "the presence of hazardous building materials including asbestos containing materials (gasket, transite, roofing tar and mastic/putty), metal containing paints (leachate and non-leachate hazardous), mercury, potential lead, potential PCB containing materials, halocarbon containing equipment, mold and silica" (Final Report – Hazardous Building Materials Survey, West Light Quonset Hut, Sable Island National Park Reserve, Sable Island, Nova Scotia. CBCL). The objective of this project is to complete abatement of hazardous materials and to deconstruct the Quonset Hut building. The building is in poor condition; the floor is very weak in some locations; the Eastern exterior wall is collapsing and the roof recently lost a panel in strong winds. Completion of abatement and deconstruction may not be possible if the building is left to deteriorate further. As such, the continued presence of the building presents an on-going risk of contamination of hazardous materials to the environment.

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July 14, 2022 - The assessment decision statement has been issued to the proponent.



Sable Island National Park Reserve
1869 Upper Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1S9
Telephone: 902-426-1500
Email: sable@pc.gc.ca

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    • Sable Island National Park Reserve of Canada (Nova Scotia)
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    • Other, not otherwise specified
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    Parks Canada
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    • Parks Canada Agency
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    Project on federal lands
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