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Kitsault Mine Project

Projects that were undergoing a comprehensive study at the time the provisions of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 came into force will continue to follow the requirements of the former Act. Under the former Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is responsible for conducting the comprehensive study of this project.

Avanti Kitsault Mine Ltd. is proposing the construction and operation of an open-pit molybdenum mine, located approximately 140 kilometres north of Prince Rupert, and south of the head of Alice Arm, in British Columbia. The proposed mine would operate for approximately 16 years at a production rate of up to 50,000 tonnes of ore per day. The project infrastructure will include Kitsault pit, processing plant, water management facilities, reagent handling and storage, air supply, power supply and distribution, staff accommodations, explosives manufacturing facility, and solid waste and wastewater management facility. The project will utilize existing access roads and power lines, as well as an existing and permitted barge docking facility to transport materials and equipment.

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July 24, 2014 - The Decision of Responsibles Authorities has been taken.

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