Improvement of the water system at wharfs 52 and 53 - Beauport sector

The project concerns improvements to be made to the aqueduct system located along wharfs 52 and 53, under conveyor C-05. These improvements mainly concern the addition of intermediate fire hydrants, the winterization of the most vulnerable components and the addition of protections for above-ground components to make the system more robust in the face of intensive industrial activities in the sector.

The project's objectives :

  • Offer more connection points to the aqueduct system for the distribution water to ships along wharfs 52 and 53 by adding intermediate fire hydrants.
  • Winterize the aqueduct systerm in its most vulnerable part to the west (at wharf 52) for possible distribution 12 months a year (addition of heating cables).
  • Make this network located in a heavy industrial environment more robust.

Another option considered :

Replace the CA52-A and CA52-B aqueduct pipes including the fire hydrants (BI52-19, BI52-03 and BI52-01) with a system of overhead pipes attached under the QSL C-05 conveyor.


Latest update

The assessment is in progress.



Jean-François Verville, Project Manager - Environment
150 Dalhousie, Quebec
Québec, Quebec G1R 4M8
Telephone: 514-248-2113

  • Location

    • Sector Beauport (Quebec)
  • Nature of Activity

    • Ports and Harbours
  • Assessment Status

    In progress
  • Start Date

  • Proponent

    Québec Port Authority
  • Authorities

    • Québec Port Authority
  • Assessment Type

    Project on federal lands
  • Reference Number


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